Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Endless Journey of the Soul

In the Beginning

Our physical journey starts from conception, the renewal of our spiritual pact with the Divine to find our way back to IT.  Everything that happens from cradle to our grave is marked with seeming uncertainty.  Each moment from conception, birth and life onwards, we are learning. We learn to act and react to our environment, familiarizing ourselves with the world we live in. We gain the familiarity of what is the conventional practice on how to live and act accordingly. We learn through the so-called “teaching of our Elders” of life itself; the established usual view on acceptance, joy, pleasure and happiness. Regrettably, we also experience the dark side of rejection, disillusion, and suffering. But all are taught and experienced within the realm of the physical-relative world. The relative world normally sets our standard for what is right and wrong; if we are living a good or bad life. It also dictates to us what our emotional reactions should there be on every instance of a cause – what we call the circumstance.

As we grow up, we either follow these standards, or if we are bold enough, we set up our own.  In the early stages of adulthood as we experience life at full blast, we begin to either question these norms or accept them as they are. Our measure for the security of our existence depends on how we protect ourselves from the so-called dangers of life. Because experiences happen, viewed from an obscured point of view, we learn to build walls around us, hopeful that these walls can protect us from rejection, disappointment, pain and suffering. Because outside these walls are the pressures of existence, from society and our families.

We practically enslave ourselves, set up our own prison as a barrier of protection. Standards are set up higher and higher, priorities have changed – what we can have and attain becomes the measure of our happiness otherwise anything less is discarded as useless.

There is no truth in the saying that wanting and having money, good and comfortable living is bad or evil. We are all celestially worthy of worldly goods. It is our birthright to enjoy all of life’s blessings including prosperity and success. But prosperity and success are relative to the individual needs and wants. The world cannot be the judge or the author of these standards. Actually, there is NO STANDARD. There never was. The standard we refer to changes every century, decade and culture.  The physical/logical aspect of life cannot be used as a tool to gain access to our real journey and purpose; manifest the living soul that dwells within and use these gifts to uplift ourselves and others towards individual purposes and realization of the God within.

One truth, it is the purpose of man to discover their TRUE-SELF. Our TRUE-SELF that is devoid of characteristics or the earthly qualities as we perceive them to be.  

These so-called qualities or characteristics have been formed out of the experiences we have encountered. Our responses to our life experiences are not permanent, in fact it is ever-changing. And as we move from one period of our lives to the next, we either adapt one or more behaviors or we completely discard those that did not work for us.   

Universal Laws:

When the soul within is not given a chance to express itself in what it wants to do, we fail to remember the essence of our existence. When the self does not find its way back to its very essence; it will express hunger and thirst manifested in moments of emptiness and conveyed through - actions and reactions that emanates from the feelings of lack and fear.

In effect, we will either be driven to find solutions to these mental or emotional states or content live a life of triviality and 3-dimensional. Life will then be lived in a cache of temporary happiness. Wanting and achieving something on the external will only want us to seek for more. When we deny ourselves of our individual truth and the right to live a fulfilled life, we will slowly die inside. Life was meant to be lived for OURSELVES and for OTHERS through profound and meaningful relationships with people and the environment.  

Individually and collectively, we are bound to the Divine Universal laws.

Freedom can only be achieved by acknowledging the existence of which bind us. It is the awareness and the acceptance of this responsibility that will bring us closer in knowing our Divine NATURE.

The law of attraction seems to be the most disconnected of the Divine laws for the reason that this is our connection to the Divine, our Creator, the Being or God.

It was held as a secret for many generations but those who were called keepers of the TRUTH.  Some think it was kept for the sole purpose of making sure that it will not be abused should it fall into the wrong hands.

What we fail to see is that this LAW exists and displays its power to us every day. The patterns of our thoughts and actions become the dynamics of the law, which then reels in motion to do as it is asked. It is the everyday genie that everyone marveled at from the story in the Arabian Nights. It was fully articulated in the prayer that Jesus Christ taught us.

The mastery of these laws is revealed further as we become closer to our goal of self-discovery. These are tools into our journey towards our center. We carry our individual and collective powers each step we take.


Friday, September 7, 2018







“Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every moment of life, with LOVE, GRACE and GRATITUDE” --Denis Waitley



‘’Life is a journey and we all seek happiness and fulfillment in our lifetime. “’’





Sept. 22, 2018                               3:00 – 9:00 pm

October 6, 2018                           3:00 -   9:00 pm

October 20, 2018                         3:00 -  9:00pm


We can only accommodate 5 students at a time so it will be on a first come first serve basis. We will close the schedule of the number of students by Sept 20 for the Sept 22 workshop.  So please let us know as early as possible. Please text or call 09279235578 to reserve your slot


Are you going about your daily life overwhelmed by anger and sadness you can no longer ignore? Are you walking in balance and harmony in your life? Are you looking for answers and you don't even know where to start with your questions? Do you feel a certain emptiness that is becoming more and more evident? Do you feel an inner longing to live a better life but don't know what is missing? You don't know where to start? Or are you simply so stressed in your life trying to earn a living… you are losing yourself in the process?


Have you recently encountered a difficult and exhausting experience, one that has left you all worn-out and feeling useless? Are you having a series of events in your life one after the other that has left you questioning your very existence? Are you in the midst of extreme dislike of the self? Torn between love and hate? Guilt and confusion?  Between reason and insanity? When everything that is happening to you doesn’t seem to make sense anymore?


If you are experiencing some or all of these conditions, do not be horrified, there is a perfectly good explanation for what you are experiencing… you are hearing the “whispers of your soul, prompting you to start looking within. We are all looking for answers and ways to live a happy, joyful life.


 Who should attend our Workshops:

•          Those in search of Personal Guidance & Inner Peace... 

•          Those searching for the inner-self and the meaning of life…

•          Those who are undergoing Financial, Emotional and Mental challenges…

•          Those who want to turn their lives around… 


 Our Approach:

It is through the process of an “inner journey” that you will be able to enhance “the relationship of the self with the self” and be able to evaluate one’s own emotional and spiritual understanding. In the true understanding of the self, you can discover your true nature and purpose in life. You will be able to enhance your “Intuitive Wisdom” that will draw out your own spiritual creativity in confronting major challenges within the self and your environment.


All our workshops whatever you may choose will assist you to:

•          Heal Your-Self

•          Clear traumatic memories

•          Recognize Your True innate powers

•          Clear negative beliefs and thought patterns

•          Share with You where you are at in your consciousness

•          Identify which wave you are in

•          Assistance through the Ascension Process

•          Clearing Blocks, Inner Balance and Chakra Alignments


The first step to living a life of GRATITUDE is learning to LET GO… let go of events and circumstances that happen in our lives that you have no control of. Apply a new and positive perspective to what is happening, and then be patient in letting your journey of magic unfold before your very eyes.


Remember, during these moments of deep GRATITUDE to life, a grace is bestowed upon us – it can bring us a sudden shift consciousness (And our lives will be changed forever); but we have to make the first move …. MAKE YOUR OWN LEAP OF FAITH and allow GOD to bring you the gift of wings to fly….

Anything spoken from the ego does not reach the heavens, thus it cannot manifest LIGHT and only invites more darkness.

Learning to LOVE yourself allows you to connect to your own inner divinity and to know deep within your heart that you will never be alone again.


If there is one rule in self-discovery, it can be summed up with one word, Acceptance. It is the first step into the abyss of unconditional love. To describe the vastness of how acceptance works within us and our earthly realm is limitless. But like a fire, the spark is originally from us before it can spread. Self-acceptance, of one’s truth, human limitations and Godly purpose can be daunting and hard to grasp at first. It is a parody to think of man’s frailty and greatness can co-exist without proof; yet it does exist.




Sept. 22, 2018                                   3:00 – 7:00 pm

October 6, 2018                                3:00 -  7:00 pm

October 20, 2018                             3:00 -  7:00pm


We can only accommodate 5 students at a time so it will be on a first come first serve basis. We will close the schedule of the number of students by Sept 20 for the Sept 22 workshop.  So please let us know as early as possible. Please text or call 09279235578 to reserve your slot


Energy Exchange P2,500. (Includes handouts and merienda sena)



Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Beyond the Gates of Heaven… LOVE RESIDES

What is beyond the gate of heaven? Beyond the gate is the vast and immeasurable love to all the created, uncreated and yet to be created. It is the womb of the mother, where everything is taken-cared of, where everything is existent and non-existent. At this state of consciousness, we begin to see all of creation as equal, deserving of love that is equal to us. We are humbled by the presence of even the tiniest of insect and honor their contribution in creation and natural cycle of life.


If there is one rule in self discovery, it can be summed up with one word, Acceptance. It is the first step into the abyss of unconditional love. To describe the vastness of how acceptance works within us and our earthly realm is limitless. But like a fire, the spark should originally come from us before it can spread. Self acceptance, of one’s truth, human limitation and Godly purpose can be daunting and hard to grasp at first. It is a parody to think of man’s frailty and greatness can co-exist without proof; yet it does exist.

The dissolution of judgment, discrimination and early beliefs is the path of the process of acceptance. When we say acceptance this is unconditional, there are no traces of the ego, of excuses and no reasoning. Neither is there a how following the who.

We as lightbearers must come to terms on who we are, accept ourselves without the resolution of change at the moment, because if there is a resolution to our limitations or imperfections these may not come out from our true selves but a creation of the ego and the standards set by the present society. When we totally accept ourselves, total acceptance of other people will also follow.

Self acceptance is by far one of the hardest task that will test the will and faith of a lightbearer, because acceptance is truth, our own personal truths. Perfection doesn’t exist in the physical or mental form but in spirit. Acceptance of our own frailties, misgivings and our so called sins as part of who we really are is vital, without excuse or pointing fingers on others.

Acceptance allows for the mind to be free of desire and attachments. Without it, we find ourselves of wanting, shallow and of spiritual thirst which can’t be quenched by material matter nor earthly love but only by the water of life. It is this water that carried us in the womb of the Mother, the carrier of all living and non-living. In its fluid depths all memories are stored, from the beginning of life until death and rebirth. The first drink of this water is acceptance. We first swallow this for ourselves, second is for our fellow men and thirdly for all creations, including all natural cycles that allows for birth, death and rebirth.

Our acceptance of people as one with their God self and human qualities is an enduring test of our love and wisdom. As we move into the abyss all people are considered equal and the same yet because we are endowed with differences created by our individual cyclical patterns and our adaptation of universal laws we must accept others for their individuality and differences. When we speak of pure love in our interaction with fellow men we see the perfection in them whether it is realized or not. In the depth of our hearts lays the foundation of fellowship of all people. This fellowship unites us regardless of orientation, creed and race. We practice acceptance at close quarters with our families, friends, lovers and people we interact with on a daily basis. As we accept ourselves, it becomes easier to do the same for others.





Sunday, January 31, 2016


Please do not get the wrong idea that we are in any way negating the existence of God here… We are simply pointing out another perception that is often overlooked. At Pathways we believe in Divinity, that divinity is the energy quality of God, the supreme-being; and God being the highest essence of that Light.  In fact, in our trying to understand our inner selves, we will discover this energy of divinity to be the same energy that will bring us truly closer to God.

So let us continue trying our best to describe what relevance ENERGY has to us. I would like to think that energy is something that triggers or invokes anything in us… anything that brings about a response or reaction or action from us. But in essence we are truly much more than we perceive ourselves to be. Are we beings of light? Of energy? I would think so. And since we are beings of energy, let us examine its significance to our lives.

Why is there a need to recognize this reality? That our physical material reality isn’t actually physical at all? How do we relate this to what happens to us everyday?
Now let us start with how the energies move about in the law of attraction. The law of attraction seems to be the most misunderstood of the Divine Laws. We often think that this only pertains to science when in fact this is where we best illustrate our connection with the Divine, God. It is an actuality that has been ignored for many generations. But whether it was kept a secret or a truth disregarded by most, this law exists and we encounter the display of its power every day. The pattern of these thoughts and actions become the dynamics by which energy is reeled into motion.

Let us take an example of a stone being thrown into a pool of water. As you can see, it creates ripples. Small actions that gets bigger results with less time and energy is an example of the “The Ripple Effect”. Originating from the physics of motion where a simple action of dropping a stone into a pool of water results in ever expanding ripples that travel out from that center. 

Now let us look at what the meaning of ripple-effect is: A gradually spreading effect or influence: the repercussions of an event or situation experienced far beyond its immediate location…..
I personally associate the ripple effect theory to the “law of attraction”.  While another law which is the “law of vibration” is the foundation of the “law of attraction”. All of these laws are inter-connected.
In our universe which is made up of all energy, everything is constantly moving and vibrating. When I say everything is made up of energy, I literally mean everything, because even the most solid matter still has vibrations. Take for example objects, light, sounds, colors water and many more. All of these have particular vibrational properties.

If you really look closely into properties of energy, you will not find any matter at all – only pure energy. This energy is both creative and the created. And this energy has also been called by many labels like creative intelligence, consciousness, awareness, perception and so on and so forth…

And because everything is energy – vibrating … everything is connected. Everything is ruled by the Law of Vibration, and this includes anything invisible to all matter, including us and our thoughts.  YOU – that is, your thoughts and intentions – have the power to alter the vibrational quality of the no-thing, the source energy – and literally change the world. But on the other hand, if you only believe that reality is only everything to see, touch, feel, taste and smell – then you have chosen a very limited life. But if you believe that something can happen, then you would have set into motion a new vibration. And through amplified feeling of belief – as manifested in our feelings, thought and action, eventually it will manifest in your life.

We should make room for positive energy...

Why do we need to make room for positive energy in our lives? Because when we give out positive energies, we also receive the same. In the same way when we regularly take in the positive energy of our surroundings like the plants, the trees, people with positive vibes; eventually all these will be visible in our outer world. But to be able to make room for this positivity in our lives, we will need to release everything that brings to moments of lack, hate, anger and strife. Positive emotions, operating from the point of peace within oneself brings about positive manifestation in our reality.

What are the positive forces am I talking about here? First we can start with humility and gratitude. Appreciating the blessings God has given us in nature and in our daily lives. When we put ourselves in a state of gratitude everyday, we give permission to our emotions to always feels blessed and be loved. Obviously, we set that into motion and eventually we also attract more and more blessings. Does it make sense to you?

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~Buddha

Most of us think of energy either as a spiritual term or a scientific fact. We hardly associate energy with our day-to-day activity. When in fact, we use energy everyday and every moment of our lives.  When we truly learn to appreciate every moment, every experience and everything that surrounds us – we will be able to see and feel the profound power of the Divine. In this way, we play a greater role in the bigger picture than we realize.
As my beloved teacher would always say, “Energies though invisible to the human eyes, its effect or influence is apparent”. When Saint Exupery said It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye” what did he mean by that? I think you will find the answer in this article.

With all the stresses and uncertainties in today’s world, finding balance and harmony is vital. Whether you are new on the path of the Spirit, an ordinary person merely seeking for answers, a spiritual teacher & practitioner, at Pathways Holistic Healing Center you will find a connection. .... 

Visit us soon or contact our mobile no. (632) 0927 923 5578 or email us at

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Individually and globally.

This atmospheric influence that affects our field of experience is actually a prompt that there is a need for the redirecting of our views and the calling for creative solutions to problems facing our planet and insure our survival individually and collectively.  Many will be faced with emotions that they have ignored for a long time. We will  be shaken and urged to weigh the choices we have made in life and question where life is leading us. While on the global level, events are happening everywhere, almost forcing us to reassess our old ways of thinking and living.

At Pathways we recognize that there is a need for a spiritual reform, one that is geared towards love, harmony, unity and freedom instead of strife, fear or bewilderment .We realize that the first step is in the individual transformation through an inner journey. It is time that each one of us assumes responsibility for our own life and the lives of the people we affect in every way.

Let us initiate this change by starting with ourselves because inevitably this will propel positive changes in our respective families….then our communities, then the world.

In order to achieve this goal, we believe it is essential to fully develop the spirituality of each man. We would like to emphasize that the spirituality we are referring to does not in any way promote any particular religion or creed. We only speak of the spirituality that is inherent in every being.  At Pathways, we believe that The Spirit of Man knows no limit in its capacity to grow and transform. It is in taking an inner journey to the self that we recover our true nature.

We will walk with you as you discover your inner being, its nature and it’s essence. We honor God’s greatest gift to man, the “freewill”, that is why at Pathways we uphold spiritual creativity. We believe no man’s path is better than the other.  We will assist you, as you creatively find your own tools  while you pursue this new way of living, one in harmony with the self and with your world. We will show you that there is a way to blend both the seeming bad and good experiences in your life and afford you the freedom to live in harmony with it when you make your “soul contact”. At pathways we believe that no time is too late for anyone with a determined Spirit and Will. All you need to do is take the first step… accept and profess the need and desire for self-transformation.
 Let us join you in remembering the inherent beauty that you already have but have forgotten or failed to see and experience; and thereby finding your highest potential as a man and as a spiritual being while finding your way to love and peace.